Verify your insurance

Mobility-Doc is a proud participating provider for BCBS. To find out if you can use your insurance with us, follow the following steps. We also have cash plans for those who do not want a third party dictating their quality of health.

Step 1

Call your insurance company using the number found on the back of your card. Ask for the name of the representative you are speaking with and the reference number for the conversation and write them down. 

Step 2

This information will help your insurance company identify our office and whether or not you have insurance coverage with us.

  • Name: Dr John G Giacalone
  • Tax ID #: 134216508
  • NPI #: 1043228513
  • Chiropractic License #: DC003545L
  • Adjunctive License (PT) #: AJ003545L


Step 3

Be sure to tell your insurance rep that Dr G is a chiropractor that performs out-patient physical therapy with is adjunctive license. Then ask if you have coverage for the following codes:

  • Physical Therapy: 97140, 97110, 97112
  • Orthotic Code: L3020

Step 4

On occasion, a patient will need prior authorization or pre-certification for treatment. Additionally, there may be a deductible or contribution that your insurance will hold you responsible for. For that reason, ask the following questions:

  • Do you need pre-certification to come to our office?
  • Do you have a deductible?
  • Will you have a co-insurance or co-payment?
  • Do you have an HSA or HRA account that you can use?