Welcome to GCMC

GCMC was birthed over 25 years ago from the heart and passion of Dr John Giacalone Sr in Stroudsburg, PA. We continue to flourish to this day and in more locations than ever, because we different than box-store rehab and fitness chains that always tell you to quit what you are doing because you are too old or because its not good for you. What makes us different is that as doctors, we have combined the best techniques in physical medicine so that you never have to stop doing what you love. We fight for the longevity of active and healthy lifestyles. We believe that movement is life, and that bodies that move well, live well.

Thank you for visiting our website and we encourage you to take a look at all of our services. We offer you customized physical rehabilitation, inspired fitness classes and our pledge to help you to #FightToLiveWell.

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